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I wanted to again thank all of you for the most successful journey I've been on these last three months. I've been in many chiropractic office over the years since beginning to lift our children and help many friends to move, etc, but yours was the absolute best and rewarding experience!

After exasperating my 70 year old neck in an attempt to insulate our garage ceiling, I was encouraged by our daughter to contact your facility. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Kristen's concern to know precisely what was leading to my all-day headaches before laying a finger on my neck. Her attention to correct all my spine was evident, but her x-rays showed the major issue was due to two deteriorating disks (arthritis) in my neck that were "pinching". I was literally surviving on Motrin throughout every day!

She explained in detail what “our” plan of treatment could be, as it would also require a dedication on my part to follow all the necessary at home exercises and cautions. I was very eager to start down the treatment path she suggested, knowing I've always been a disciplined one for exercise and following directions.

After 5-6 weeks I was pain free and weaned from any need of Motrin! The office treatment plan, adjustments and home exercises have strengthened my neck muscles to where today I am no longer experiencing any neck pain. I continue with my at home strengthening exercises realizing the arthritis cannot be reversed, and with the added information received in the office about how to improve my whole body's health, I am confident my retirement years will be very rewarding.

As a Christian, I know the LORD is the ultimate healer, but also that he uses many ways to accomplish that.

Thanks again to Dr. Steely, Amanda, Pam and Sissy for making my journey a successful one and a reality!

Best regards,

E. D.