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Chiropractic Care in Anderson, SC

Our chiropractic office offers many different types of chiropractic care. Each type of treatment plan is based on the individual's condition, desires, goals, and doctor's recommendations.

Relief care

This type of treatment plan is usually symptom based. It DOES NOT correct the problem; it is like taking a Tylenol or aspirin. It helps to decrease the symptom, but doesn't correct the cause of the problem. This type of treatment plan is usually short in duration, between 12 to 14 visits. Some patients opt for this treatment plan if they are only concerned about feeling better for a short time. Research shows that 2 months after discontinuing chiropractic care, symptoms will re-occur.

Corrective care

With this treatment plan, our chiropractor focuses on finding and repairing the problem to the joint, muscle and ligamentous structure. It is a more intensive treatment plan consisting of relief stage, strengthening stage and finally the stabilization of the spinal problem. Correction plans consist of re-evaluations after every 12 visits to ensure continuous progress. This type of care can be anywhere from 25 or more visits in duration.

Cost of Care

Our office offers many different types of financial payment options.

  1. Prepayment in full - This is a great way to save for patients who intend on committing to their entire care plan. In this way, our patients save 15 percent on the cost of their total treatment plan and supplies they will need. Payment is made one time, in full.
  2. Paying per visit - Paying this way is an option, although it does not save the patient time or money.
  3. Making small "deposits" over the course of treatment. This option is available to those who want to work off a credit; it will save some time at checkout but does not save any percentage off of services.
  4. HealthCare Payment Solutions - This option is available for those patients who financially cannot pay per visit or pay in full. It is a way that the total cost of treatments can be financed your course of treatment. Healthcare payment solutions is a company out of Atlanta, Georgia that works with each individual patient to find a payment amount that can be made monthly or weekly that will work in the budget of the individual. This company does not charge an interest rate for financing the care, only a one time processing fee.

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